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Sales Materials That Can Help Sell Your Car

Here is a list of some sales materials you may need to successfully sell your car.

A "For Sale" signs to place inside your vehicle

A window sticker that applies to the inside of any window in your vehicle. This sticker lists all of the important information about your vehicle (Year, Make, Model, Trim, Mileage, Options, a URL where a passer-by can look it up on the 'net, and contact information)

A re-sealable bag that adheres to the outside of any window of your vehicle. This bag includes sheets or flyers printed with the same information contained on the window sticker, so passers-by can take the sheet home and look your vehicle up online at the URL printed on the sheets! Or they could just call you.

A full-color picture for someone to take with them

A complete vehicle description

Vehicle History Report showing the history of the car your selling

The car's mantanance records from since you owned it

The car's orginal new car user's manual

Reciepts of recent expenses you have spent on the car your selling

A web site (URL address) with detailed information that potential buyers could look up and view and read about your car

Signs that feature tear-off URL/e-mail/phone tabs. You can hang these up at work, on grocery store bulletin boards, anywhere you want. We save you the hassle of having to create these yourself.

Checking the VIN number on a car before selling it can let you and the buyer know that it is not a salvaged vehicle, or in commons terms, a lemon. A Vehicle Identification Number encodes specific information about a vehicle, including country of manufacture, manufacturer, model, body style and even engine and other information. To be safe, check your car history to confirm it has a clean bill of health before selling.