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Selling a Used Car Auto Seller's Kit

Auto Seller's Kit for Selling a Used Car

A car sellers kit is a pre-packaged bundle of supplies and materials that can make selling a used car easier and more successful. These Kits include such things as.

  • CAR VALUE - Car asking price breakdown.
  • STATE LAWS - State-by-state requirements
  • >SIGNS - For Sale signs and window stickers
  • FORMS - Bill of Sale and other legal forms
  • AGREEMENTS - Deposit & Terms of Sale legal agreements
  • WEB ADs - Information on creating and using online classifieds
  • PRINT OUTS - Information to make flyers and promotional materials
  • CAR REPORTS - Lemon checks on a vehicle - to help close a sale
  • HELP - Step-by-step expert advice and suggestions to sell a car
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Consumer Guide, backed by over 30 years of expertise in the automotive industry, offers a no-hassle way to sell your car. They offer a top rated kit with all that is needed to sale a car quickly and problem free for only $9.95

Comments from a few customers:

"I wanted to buy a new 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee. When I went to the dealership they quoted me a price on the trade-in value of my old Jeep Grand Cherokee ­ but it was well below the fair market value. I know because I checked the pricing guide on your web site. I figured if I could sell it myself, I would get more for it. So while I was at your site, I noticed the Auto Seller's Kit and checked it out. I calculated my asking price (almost $2,000 more than the trade in value), picked up a few pointers with the Seller's guide and created a complete set of marketing tools, from a for sale sign to a customized advertising brochure. All in about five minutes. Three weeks later I found a buyer and sold the Jeep without any problems. Thanks CG, you saved me a lot of time and money."

"I've been trying to sell my new Nissan Altima for the last eight months. Every time I thought someone was interested, the deal would go south. I couldn't figure out what was wrong. I had heard about the Auto Seller's Kit from a friend at work, so I went to your site. I quickly learned that my asking price was too high, but I didn't want to budge. That's when I went ahead and created my Auto Seller's Kit. I detailed everything about my car, from engine check-ups and oil changes, to upgrades and custom improvements. I even included one of your Consumer Guide reviews. I had everything I needed to back up my asking price. All the proof was confirmed in a more presentable fashion than me just talking my head off to a buyer. Well it worked. I sold it for the price I wanted. Turns out the documentation was all I needed or at least that's all the buyer needed. Thanks, I'm sold on the Auto Seller's Kit."

The Consumer Guide Auto Seller's Kit can get you
more money for your used car.
Set the price. Learn the tactics. Close the deal.
All the tools and info you need to close the deal.