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Selling a Used Car History Search

Do a Used Car History Search Before You Sell It

Get a Used Car History Search! A Used Car History Search checkup will make it easy to sell. A used car history report will show your car is free of a problem car history.

A Used Car History Search is the best tool for used car buyers and sellers. Enter the VIN # of the car and search over 550 million vehicle records for rolled back odometers, junked cars, and accidents.

The data comes from auctions, DMV records, car rental agencies, leases, & inspection stations where odometer readings are collected. If a car had 70,000 miles on the last inspection, and it is selling with 20,000 miles, the report alerts you about the rollback, saving you from a scam.

Searching used Used Car History Search title records can tell if the car was totaled in a wreck, returned as a lemon, flooded, or if the title was laundered from "junk" back to "used" status.

When we checked, Florida had over 700,000 problem vehicles, California had 548,000, New York had 709,000, and Texas had 1.7 million! Dateline NBC did a report in 8/98 using Carfax on Hurricane Andrew cars in Florida with junked titles being laundered back to "used car" status in other states. In 1999 Hurricane Floyd flooded or totaled 15,000 cars in the Carolinas. That's really scary. Don't rely on dealers or private owners, they just want to sell you the car. Verify their claims. Credit unions and dealers use them religiously, so should you.

Enter the VIN #, the report appears online, with title and registration data, certified odometer readings, liens, more. A used Used Car History Search will make it clear a car has a clean history.